Friday, October 30, 2009

non meem rashid ki aik nazm

ajal in sey mil

ajal, in say mil
keh ye sada dil
na ahle salaat
aur na ahle sheraab
na ahle adab aur na ahle hisaab
na ahle kitaab.......
na ahle kitaab aur na ahle masheen (machine)
na ahle khala aur na ahle zameen
faqat bay`yaqeen
ajal` in say mut ker hijaab
ajal` in say mil

baRho, tum bhi aagay baRho
ajal say milo
baRho, nau`tawanger gadaao
na kashkol`e dryooza ch`hupaao
tumhain zindagi say koi rabt baqui nahi
ajal say hanso aur ajal ko hansaao

baRho, bundgaane zamana, baRho bundgaane dirham
ajal, ye sub insaan munfi hain
munfi zeyada, insaan kum
ho in per nighae karam!

Death, embrace these men

Death, embrace these men
These naive, simpletons
Neither do they pray
nor do they drink
niether they know the word
Nor the numerals
Neither any book
Neither any book nor any craft
Niether they know the space nor the earth
Simple faithless
Death! be not shy of them
Death, embrace them.

Move forward, you too
move forward embrace Death
You noveau-riche mendicants
Hide not your begging-bowls
Nothing do you have to do with Life
Smile alongwith Death

Hasten forward ye temporal slaves
Move! you dogs of the dollar
Death! negated-humans are all these
More negated, less human
Cast on them a loving look.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

andhairay ke paar kya hai !

iss andhairay ke paar kya hai?
koi mujhe roshni la de
tou mai iss andhairay mein utar ke dekhon...