Saturday, June 19, 2010

بنی اسرایل محض کسی قوم کا نہیں بلکہ  ایک سوچ ایک کیفیت ایک فطرت کا نام ہے


  1. Yes, it seems like this. The various ayats of Holy Quran amply stands testimony to this, as many thing they did was out of habit and their nature.

  2. dar sahib..aapke yahan aanay aur comment karne ka shukrya...

    بنی اسرایل ایک کیفیت ہے جو کبھی کسی بھی شخص پر طاری ہو سکتی ہے

  3. Huma Sahiba...

    Ok than if it is a kind of "Attitude" which can come upon would one behave under its shadow...?

    Anyways...nice post !

  4. like bani israeli s ..thinking

  5. 'bani israel qaum.. sooch.. kaifiyat.. fitrat..'

    don't u think.. qaumein banti hi sooch se hai.. jo eik khas kaifiyat se guzarne ke baad fitrat mein badal jati hein..

    aab sahee aur ghalat.. yeh eik alag behus hai..